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Welcome to XH Angus

A big Wyoming welcome!

   What an offering we have this year! We have a nice consistent set of coming 2 year old bulls and bred heifers for this year's sale. We pride ourselves on producing low PAP, moderate framed cattle that will perform in any environment.
   The cattle offered in this year's sale have never been confined in a feedlot situation. They are grown out as calves in a 10 acre sagebrush pasture where we target a 2.5lb/day gain. They were then turned out  to grass on May 15th. September 1st we brought them back to the sagebrush pasture and fed long stem grass hay and grain pellets to put a bloom on them for the sale. These bulls have never been pushed! We grow them out nice and slow to avoid feet and structural problems. 
   The heifers offered this year are all home raised cattle. We winter them here at the ranch, feeding them 15lbs of grass hay, 15lbs of alfalfa, and a protein lick tub. May 15th we kicked them to grass until a month before the sale, when they started getting long stem grass hay.
  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call. I hope to see you November 19th at the XH Angus sale barn.

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Angus Division
Chad Jones
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Bill Clay
HC 63 BOX 17A SARATOGA, WY 82331 307.327.5343(H) 307.329.6368(C)
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